At this moment the School of Mechanical Engineering has only an acting Dean. The new Dean has not been elected yet, and the substitute says he cannot state his position as acting Dean, but only as a professor. We learned from the students of this School that lectures and labs are officially being held, and that some of the students are protesting, while some are attending lectures. The meeting of the teaching staff is scheduled for today, and they should determine the official attitude of the school - the latest news is that the teaching staff did not have a meeting today. The college officially continues with its regular activities.

Yesterday evening, as we have been informed, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy reported in the amphitheatre, that the professors had gotten a directive from the Chancellor's office. According to that directive, lectures must start tomorrow and they will hold them; it is up to the students to decide whether to attend them or not.

The School of Political Sciences is protesting, also. We were informed by the students from this school that lectures are officially being taught, but that nobody attends them. We have also learned that the students have the full support of their professors.

Lectures are officially being held at the School of Veterinary too, but more than half the students are not attending class. They have joined the protest gatherings at Plato, as well as the protest walks. The situation is similar at the School of Medicine. every day a considerable number of students from this school and from the Dentist School. We learned that the Dean of the Medical School has not addressed the students officially yet.

Pupils from several secondary schools in Belgrade have joined the Student Protest, also. A pupil from the Linguistic Secondary School told us that pupils are rather decisive.

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