We have talked to a member of the Initiative Committee of the Student Protest '96 at the School for Forest Management. He told us that the members of their Initiative Committee had talked to the Dean and that they agreed that absences from the lectures will not have any consequences. The students who have taken part in the Protest will be given a chance to make up the labs they missed. An official address to the students and staff of the School of Forest Management has been scheduled for Wednesday, 10.30 am in the central amphitheatre. The Dean met with the teaching staff today and reminded them that they are still teachers and that no "political activities" can be carried out at the School. He also told the professors that they must not make any comments, inside the school or out of it, about the present situation. The Dean has not stated the official attitude of the school yet. He disassociated himself completely from the Protest and said he still thought we were politically manipulated. We have been told that the signatures of the students and professors are still being collected so that a request can be made for the suspension of the lectures. Until that moment the petition has been signed by more than half of the students and by about 40 of the 107 professors who are members of the teaching staff.

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