Yesterday, countless comments could be heard on radio Belgrade from various state officials (whose names and positions are entirely irrelevant, since they obviouslyhad no thought of anything they themselves said). They made some extremly interesting statements, towards which one cannot remain indifferent.

Among numerous phrases used in connection with the Student Protest, "manipulated children" was mentioned. Since the very thought of manipulated children causes anger, we should consider whether such a phenomenon exists in our surrounding. Let us remember: all the citizens of this country (even the children, although some may concider students as children) have, during the past few years, bombarded with outrageous propaganda, insolent and intentional lies. Wrong values and perverted ethics have been imposed on them constantly. They were denied the right to be informed, to make their own choice, and even to leave the country without paying a tax. Since no one can remain sane under such circumstances, we must conclude that a gross manipulation has been going on here, even the manipulation of "children". We could say that we are all fumbling through the semidarkness, trying to remember what happened to us, and to relize in which way someone managed to steal the essentials fo normal living from right in front of our noses. The most essential thing we have to realize is how we can acqure these essentials once again.

The above mentioned officials voice the fact that is known to everyone: the students standard has never been better! Huh, when I recall the "high- quality" textbooks "regularly" published by the University (a paradise for photocopying shops; they spring up everywhere), the up to date laboratory equipement, the warm amphetheaters (I have given up hope of getting over my cold until spring), not to mention the divers and plentiful food in student restaurants, or the perfect city transportation.

As the desert came the statement that is not apropriate for academic citizens to request the resignation of the Chancellor! We are probably to supposed to conclude that the University should not have the right to choose its own administration, that the University is to be obedient, and that it should be managed by those who know how to manage it. It is tru that their decisions may seem unreasonable, destructive and humiliating at first sight, but men of science are not competent to judge this, since, for God's sake they always insist on something calld truth, and we all know the truth is out of fashion at the moment.

The question which arises now is: what kind of future have the people who started the above mentioned things intended for their children, even if they had been ordered to give such statements.

Lunja Smarsa

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