Welcome to another day of student protests! We have been gathering the past 10 days approximately, the protest has taken root and become a daily event. The question now is: has anything changed at all? It certainly has, eve though it can't be seen on first sight (the people of science differ from others in the fact that they know things often are not as they seem). The authorities are still trying to give an impression of a carefree attitude, but certain details show that concern is increasing among them. Absurd statements and demands of the Chancellor and Minister of Education are becoming more frequent and, we should say, hastier. On the other hand, during our everyday walks through the streets of Belgrade, we wave at the police and give them flowers. At first they would not respond to our gestures, but now they wave back to us, and it is now possible to see a fully equipped policeman carrying a billy and a flower. Anyone who saw, for example, scenes of fighting on March 9 1991 even only on TV, will realise that this is an interesting success.

Blue Moon

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