Radio Index has been smothered. It's program can be heard in the radius of 50m around the transmitter, which was disconnected without warning yesterday, on December 3 1996. around 3 o'clock. only to start working a few hours later with 1/30th of it's previous power. This is obviously another step the regime has made towards a full media blockade.

The American gouvernment strongly expressed its disapproval of the closing of Radio B-92 and Radio Index, in Belgrade. The act was cited as being a "transparent attempt to push the people of Serbia into the dark by disabling the work of the only independant electronic media in the region of Belgrade." It was also said that "the disabeling of the operation of these two stations confirms the dark side of the authority in Serbia, which Slobodan Milosevic has created in the past two week."

The British gouvernment expressed its grief concerning the shuting of radio B-92, and called upon the authorities to enable the function of this station. "We regret the decision made by the federal authorities to declare radio B-92 illegal and halt the airing of its program", said the representative of the Foreign Office.

The transsmitors of the independant radio station Boom 93, were shut off, therefore its program has not been aired since about 20.30 last night. In the formal decision it is stated that this station does not have a work permit and that it is impairing the transmissions of other stations.

The former Chancellor of the BU, Rajko Vracar gave his full support to the students. He believes the student demands to be "autonomous, original, realistic and progresive, fore they stemmed for universal values of leigtimate state, democracy and freedom."

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