Listening to radio B-92 and moving among people who use their heads for thinking, among other things, one can percieve a croocked picture. You unwillingly hear the conversation of two elderly men in the tram, and feel faint. Yesterday, at 2 o'clock our last illusion was shattered [radio B-92 was shut]. The dreaded silence which ensued tore painfully through our brains, and I admitt I was terrified. Then the noise started to stifle. What actually happened? Was Big Brother scared of few journalists whose voices could be heard a few hundred meters in radius? If it is so, what does it mean? Well, among other things it means that the panic has reached the critical level, that desperate moves are being made, dare I say- wrong (a problem from thermodynamics: what happens when you close all the vents on a vessel, and the temperature rises constantly...). After the first shock (even though the happenings were rather predictable) we face the reality and conclude that we have all the necessary information about the ongoing situation: nothing could be louder then the noises in our stomachs (or annull them). The thought of the last tugs of an animal which lost all human qualities (it acctually never had them) is frightening, even though it has great (military) strength.

There is a more important question. The mentioned dreaded silence not only made us face reality, but more importantly made us face ourselves. Are we aware of what is ahead of us or do we realy believe that it is enough to stop classes, walk through the city and Democracy will throw herself in our arms, and we will live happily ever after...

Did we learn the lesson about leaders or arewe going to find a we one tommorow and sink deeper into ruin? Democracy is only partialy based on the instiutions of the system, it primarily must exist in the mind of the people. Free (wo)men will never close one or both eyes when it is easier to do so, those persons do not need a leader.

Did we learn the lesson about lagre scale "public events"? Let us remember: the Great Leader, a million people on Usce, the great downfall. Only superlatives: a greater and faster downfall than anyone has ever witnessed.

Did we learn the lesson about freedom? Believe it or not, this word does not mean the freedom to do ANYTHING, i.e. it means the repect of the freedom of others, it seems that this is where problems arise.

Did we learn the lesson about others guilt, concerning the terrible situation which we are in? For example: you could not expect the person who thoroughly planned and conducted ethnical genocide, who destroyed entire cities while the world watched, would prevent the same thing from happening to his own people. For basic understanding one doesn't need a degree in psychology. We know the epilogue, if we recall the elections of '92 and '93... Or perhaps someone else voted?

Is all this enough of a lecture in democracy?

It should be, because we won't survive another.

So, dear colleagues, it is high time of us to reexamine our motives, and instead of convincing our own side and patting backs for the phrases that have been said a million times. The changes we crave should be sincere or else...

Are we ready to tolerate differences in opinion? (Or are you asking what I am jabbering about, and we so pretty and smart...)

Lunja Smarsa

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