Officers of the Federal Communication Agency did not stop operation of Radio B-92. Thy were given the order to investigate the source that was jamming the program of this radio. No disruption was noted, but while viewing the station's documents it was concluded that the radio did not have a work permit. On December 3, the radio was informed of the findings of the Control and Measurement Center. This radio station was also informed of its "illegal work and warned that they should follow the legal procedure for receiving a work permit."

About 90 judges of the Regional, First and Second County Courts in Belgrade signed on Monday, December 2 the demand for a public view into the court documentation of the election annulment, reports the "Nedeljni Telegraf". This paper states that the "direct reason for this unusual manner of address by the judges to the public was the statement by the president of the National Parliament, Dragan Tomic, who gave an offending statement about the serbian legal system- that the results of the elections in Belgrade were decided by the courts", emphasize the judges.

From midnight, Radio B-92 has started transmitting its program on the frequency of the "Voice of America" (792 kHz). The radio has also printed 25,000 copies of an announcement concerning this event. The will also inform the public through the Internet about the happenings concerning B-92 and the situation in Belgrade. We note that radio B-92 has been allowed to transmit its program through "Deutsche Wele" and "Free Europe".

The Initiative Committee of the Student Protest 1996-1997 in Pristina supported the demands of the students on all levels. "We condemn the smothering of independent media in Belgrade, radio B-92 and radio Index, and strongly protested against the arresting of participant of the peaceful demonstrations. If we allow the rewriting of the electoral results today, already tomorrow we will witness the redrawing of the borders of Serbia", state the students of the University in Pristina.

France criticized Serbia for the third time in three days for the smothering of two independent radio stations in Belgrade, reports Reuter. Jaques Remelars (an official of the Ministry of Exterior) conveyed very strong critics concerning the shutting of radio B-92 and radio Index. They also warned the Yugoslav authorities to sustain from the use of force against the street protestors, because their rights of informing and demonstrating must be respected.

The School of Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture and Law are formally on strike, we are informed by the Main Committee of the Student Protest. The School of Chemistry should hold a meeting of the teaching staff and make a decision whether this school will also go on strike. We have also been informed that tomorrow meetings of the teaching staff should be held at the School of Mathematics, Biology, Veterinary, and perhaps at the School of Physics.

We have informally heard that the teachers of the School of Transportation have joined the students in protest, on the meeting of the teaching staff held on December 5.

The president of the foundation for peaceful resolving of crisis situations, Boris Vukobrat expressed his support of the Student Protest and emphasized that the students have shown that Serbia has a future it deserves.

The following news is forwarded from B-92: What will happen to Demokratija? "On Sunday at the latest it will be known what will be of the paper Demokratija, which is published by the ex-staff of Blic", stated one of the editors of this paper, Vlado Mares. "Talks are under way with investors about investments in a new paper Demokratija which would have a clear liberal- democratic position", said Mares to one of the journalists of Blic who joined the team of Demokratija, because of the sudden change in editorial policy. The office of the Demokratija, which is published six days a week, was donated by the paper of the Democratic Party. The party does not interfere in the editorial policies of the paper.

Radio B-92 started transmitting its program through a speaker system from the window of its office on the fifth floor of the House of Youth during the passing of the protest procession around 1 o'clock. The name of the project is "Total Radio". We once again that the program of B-92 will be transmitted through the "Voice of America", "Radio Free Europe", "Deusche Wele" and the Internet.

The White House has once again warned the authorities in Belgrade that any attempt to stop the demonstrations in Serbia by force would provoke a "sharp reaction" from the international community, which would further isolate Serbia", reports AFP.

The Yugoslav Minister of External Affairs, Milan Milutinovic informed the Deputy Prime Minister, Strobe Talbot in London, that the authorities in Serbia would not use force in order to prevent the demonstrations, reports Reuter.

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