We conducted a poll among the students who gathered today at the Plato. The question was:"Do you think that the students' delegation should have accepted the invitation and entered the Parliament yesterday?" The majority (51%) of the 145 polled students thought the invitation should have been accepted, but only in the presence of journalists. 22.1% thought that the Parliament should not have been entered under any condition, and 17.25% said that the invitation should have been accepted anyway. 9.65% of the students asked had no opinion on the subject. Almost all of the students asked thought that the President wasn't at his place of work to receive the delegation, and those who were strictly against this visit often explained: "We remember '92!" Anyway, the circumstances of the invitation were not clear but the state controlled TV used this to present clearly and undoubtedly the broad-mindedness of our President and to present the students as a gang fighting illegally and savagely against our democratic state.

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