The Tenth Day

On this, the tenth day of the Student Protest on PMF (School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) the greatest number of frozen student- walkers up to now was sitting in the amphitheater. Professors Irina Subotic, Kosta Cavoski, Filip David, Lazar Lalic (president of the independent Union, our friends from '92) and Jovan Matic- singer of DEL ARNO BAND, spoke to them. Professors Dusan Teodorovic, of the School of Transportation, and Zoran Lucic of the PMF were especially welcomed. Beside our other guests the central part of the program was a discussion titled "The actual situation of the society and the shadow on the University", lead by professors Zaga Golubovic, Ilija Vujacic and Mladen Lazic. We are grateful to all our quests and appeal to our professors again to join us in the greatest possible number.


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