"Nasa Borba" Thursday December 5, 1996: Nis- Last night, at a closed session of the City Board of SPS, Mile Ilic, the president of the Board submitted his irrevocable resignation. The Evening Report of RTS (Serbian National Radio-Television Network) announced this suddenly and not one of the local staff, not even Tanjug agency was given this information until then.

We neither want nor can discuss the reasons for this act of one of the dominant figures of the Socialist Party, the man who even suggested Milosevic for the Nobel Peace Prize nomination once. Was this instructed from "above" or was this sudden act the result of a guilty conscience because of the events in his town, and his disability to deal with the situation? Anyway, this shows that something is happening in this country after all, and gives us strength to continue what we've started. "Still waters run deep", and it ran rather deep yesterday.

Concerning this, we give you the latest news- according to the source of "Demokratija", Aleksandar Tijanic resigned from the position of Minster of Information in the government of Serbia.

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