"Your trust in me is too flattering. It is hard to manage the wishes of the people at such important times, but I think I will do everything I can to justify your confidence in me, to represent you sincerely everywhere and to keep my good reputation. Thank you, my brothers, for your choice."
The Danga, by Radoje Domanovic

The Student Vice-Dean... A student, and yet not exactly that. He is exceptional. He has two names: student and vice-dean. Besides, he has the honor of being "elected" by the majority on fair elections, where he defeated his rival and, sometimes, has a low salary. His only duty is to speak and act in the name of those who elected him.

However, there are moments when He, the chosen one, goes one step further, trying to justify the confidence given to him. It is not only that he works for the students, he also doesn't work for them. Consider the present situation, for example. We, the students, are boycotting lectures and are on strike. We have our reasons and our demands. And what is he doing? nothing! He pretends that nothing is happening, and remains silent. There's no word of him. Is that logical? Of course, because he doesn't work for us! We don't even know how silly our reasons are how inappropriate our demands are for academic citizens, and how much we are loosing by not attending class. But He does know. He's not only a student: he has two names. He doesn't want us to be ruined while thoughtlessly trying to change something and therefore it only seems that he is not doing his duty. If he thoughtlessly supported us, led us, encouraged us, made our protest official, he is sure that it would make us stronger in our meaningless banging our heads against the wall, and he wouldn't want us to suffer. Therefore he remains silent.

We should actually be grateful to him because, when our enthusiasm ends, and when we realize who rash we were, we will realize how lucky we were and how much He helped us. For is it weren't for him who is not working for us, we would still be acting as a fistful of misled schoolchildren, in a fashion not fit for academic citizens.


P.S. I appeal to you, the little clear sense you still have, to get up and sign the petition of support for our great Student Vice-Dean! (Because, I'm afraid that there are others who are not like us, and can't see enough ahead, they are even helping their students in this silly thing)

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