Radio B92 is on again! Radio B92 is on again!

Now, a radio station does not work for two days, and it results in such an uproar. Allegedly, the totalitarian regime in Serbia is choking free speech and democracy, or, President Slobodan Milosevic got scared of student and citizen protest, etc. Foreign governments are putting pressure on Serbian authorities, Karl Bildt, the high representative for Bosnia talked to Milan Milutinovic, the head of Yugoslav diplomacy about that subject, agencies from all over the world are making a fuss - the satellites are red-hot from use. Allegedly, Sloba is choking the freedom of media. Come on people, for God's sake. Why would President shut B92 down; he would give us C92 and D92 and E92, but who would listen to all these radio stations at once.

And the reason why the program was not broadcasted for two days is - Water! Yes, yes, H2O - a liquid without taste, smell or color, and it makes such an outrage! For those uninformed and sceptical, I shall repeat the official explanation: the interruption of broadcasting was caused by "water which entered the coaxial cable". You know what: that Water - it means death to radio stations! In the best developed countries huge amounts of money are invested in the research programs which deal with the problem of protecting electronic media from this evil.

Therefore, colleagues, do not accuse the innocent; let us rather resist this tyrant, our real enemy.

All those who think that this article is rather frivolous should watch the news on RTS, TV Politika, BK Telecom and other very "serious" media.

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