From the press conference at Media Press:
The gathering at Plato and the walk through the city were carried out today, as usually. The following persons gave their speeches at Plato: Ksenija Jovanovic - actress, Miroljub Pavlovic and Milorad Pavic - writers, Milana Radicevic - professor at the School of Drama, Dragan Bjelogrlic and Dragan Nikolic - actors and Dejan Mijac - director. Today's route was: Plato, Trg slobode, Srpskih vladara st., Slavija, Nemanjina st., Kneza Milosa st., Bulevar Revolucije st., Dom omladine, Plato. It has been estimated that the number of participants was higher today than yesterday.

Lord David Owen mailed a message through Internet, in which he said that if there was anything he as a private citizen could do to help the struggle for democracy in this region, he would do it. He would like to see Yugoslavia in the European Council soon, as well as in the European Community.

A denial has been sent to the "POLITIKA" newspaper in connection with their report in which they stated that students had been building the wall in front of the building of the Federal Parliament in order to dissociate themselves symbolically from the "Zajedno" coalition. This "is not true at all," said the spokesman of Media Press.

We have got support from the Independent Syndicate of the Copper Mill - Sevojno.

The number of Schools officially supporting the cessation of lectures is becoming larger.

Students' demonstrations in Serbia are intensifying. Matija Beckovic addressed the students in Nis, but he was not allowed to use the loudspeakers system. An exhibition of the original minutes of electoral committees from the second ballot has been set up at the School of Electronics in Nis.

Student parliament in Ljubljana has given its support to students in Belgrade.

"Cleaning" of the building of Chancellor's office was supposed to take place today, but since the interest for this action is great among students, this work will be done tomorrow, when an even greater number of people is expected to participate.

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