The interview with the Student Vice-Dean of the School of Physics
(Darko Radovancevic)

BOOM: Is it hard to be Student Vice-Dean in the days of protest?
Darko: I think it is not hard if a man knows what he thinks and what he wants.

BOOM: You know it?
Darko: I would not give such an answer if I didn't.

BOOM: Do you know when the Student Protest started, i.e. when the students gathered at Plato for the first time?
Darko: 11 days ago. At least that's what the girl from the press service told me.

BOOM: Do you know what the demands of the Student Protest are?
Darko: (smiling) Of course.

BOOM: Could you recount them to me?
Darko: (muttering) Come on ...

BOOM: Why haven't you addressed the students during these 11 days?
Darko: I think the demands of the students haven't been clearly determined.

BOOM: Do you think you have justified the students' confidence in you?
Darko: That will be seen at the end of my turn of office. I have been Student Vice-Dean officially since 1st October this year, i.e. around two months only.

BOOM: If an opportunity arose, would you address the students in the Chemistry Amphitheater?
Darko: I would first address the students of physics.

BOOM: the Chemistry Amphitheater?
Darko: No, I would not speak publicly at Plato or in the Chemistry Amphitheater.

BOOM: Do you think the law for the University, according to which a half of the members of the University Council is appointed by the Republic Government, should be changed?
Darko: Of course we should endeavor to establish the autonomy of the University. But, the fact is that every state tries to control the school system. It is a normal thing. If the people from the Government do their job honestly, then it is all right.

BOOM: Do you wish to give any statement that would reestablish the students' faith in you?
Darko: (opens a notebook and reads) I think that students have a right to express their protest and disagreement whenever they feel their rights are threatened. Obviously, they feel that way now and I support them. I appeal to my colleagues, Student Vice-Deans from other Schools, to give their support to the Student Protest and to their demands.

Let us repeat: Students gathered at Plato on 22nd November 1996 for the first time, and then they went for a walk. The demands of the Student Protest were declared in this version on 28th November 1996.

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