- prof. Dragutin Velickovic Ph.D -

1, Studentski trg

Dear Mr Chancellor,

The School Council of the School of Physics of Belgrade university have come to the following conclusions at their session held on 6th December 1996 at 3:00 PM called at the demand of most professors and research assistants of this School:

  1. The School Council of the School of Physics support peaceful protest and previous demands of the students of Belgrade university;
  2. Since no lectures are held at our School we ask you to call a meeting of the University Council as soon as possible, in order to consider a present circumstances.
  3. We join the other Schools of Belgrade University in expressing their disapproval provoked by your statements regarding the Student Protest.

Vice-Chancellor of the School of Physics
prof. Milan Damnjanovic PhD

The School of Mathematics
Belgrade University
16, Studentski trg

On 6th December 1996, the School Council of the School of Mathematics has established that it is impossible to continue lectures at our School because of the absence of our students, who have joined the Student Protest.

After a 12 days' analysis, we have come to the conclusion that the Student Protest continues the long tradition of Belgrade University in struggling for justice, truth and democracy. Therefore, we fully support the Student Protest in its demands.

Our students have shown their courage as academic citizens in a civilized manner, which is worthy of great praise. The School Council supports such behaviour of our students.

Serbian Minister of Education and Chancellor of Belgrade University, on the contrary, have deceived the public about the situation at the university at which they teach, which is a shame for the University.

The School Council of the School Mathematics demands that a session of the University School Council should be called immediately.

The session of our School Council was attended by 63 members of the Council (absolute majority); 61 voted for the above mentioned conclusions, one voted against them, and one abstained from voting.

Belgrade, 6th December 1996

Prof. Zoran Kadelburg PhD
Dean of the School of Mathematics

The students of the School of Mathematics
Minister of Education
Chancellor of Belgrade University

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