On Saturday, December 7, a session of the Belgrade circle of independent intellectuals was held with the subject "Student protest". The guests were students from five Schools of the Belgrade University.

At the beginning the students were told that they were not invited in order to flattered (which has happened lately), but for a critical discussion. It was said that a large number of non-government organizations in Yugoslavia and abroad supports the student protest and is helping as much as they can. Some professors of the BU expressed the opinion the students should fight for greater independence of the University and academic freedom (i.e. for the changing of the Law of University). It was also said that the demands should not be expanded because it would be counter-productive.

Mrs Borka Pavicevic informed the students that a large number of French artists and intellectuals was supposed to arrive in Belgrade, but they were denied visas.

The position of the members of the Belgrade circle is that the support of an enormous number of intellectuals from around the world is a great responsibility, and thus the student protest must remain above the realm of political parties, directed towards the fight for legality and the right of citizens to decide about their lives. They also expressed their hope that the students will stay clear of any kind of chauvinism.

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