A two-day break.

Were you wondering what had happened to Boom? Of course... however, let us introduce you to our activities anyway, just for the sake of alibi. So, on Friday, we decided to dedicate the weekend to physical activities, all in order to boost the body structure and health of some of us- the editors staff (the translators worked during the weekend). Being closed for days in the computer laboratory, and exposed to the influence of various negative factors. So, we practiced the saying: A HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY WALK.

Today we are with you again... and tomorrow?
("Well, uh,... You should tell your editor to educate you elementary if you want to ask a brighter person questions." (Radoman Bozovic, president of the Yugoslav Parliament))

It is my duty to explain why you will not read Boum No.8 tomorrow, but since I do not know why, just take it as it is. That's all for now. Until Wednesday. Thank you for your understanding.


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