Deacon Radovan Bigovic, professor at the School of Theology, stated for today's "Blic", in connection with the protests in Serbia, that it is "immoral to ask of the Church to arbitrate in cruel and shameful political games and conflicts; the Church cannot identify with any one of the parties - it cannot take sides in this dispute." He added, however, that "every true member of the Church prays for the dialogue between the authorities and the opposition, as well as for the recognition of the will of the people, which they expressed at the elections." He pointed out that "the School of Theology has not adopted an attitude towards the Student Protest, but many of its students have joined the justified protest."

The same newspaper reports that they could not find an authorized person in Yugoslav Army, who could comment on the current events, and that an anonymous officer from the information service of the Headquarters stated that "such public appearances of people from Yugoslav Army would violate the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and the Yugoslav Army has a duty to protect the Constitution."

Radio "Voice of America" announced that "it is broadening its transmission of reliable and objective information to the people of Serbia", by starting to broadcast a half-hour radio program in Serbian. The program "America calling Serbia" will be broadcasted five times a week and it will consist of ten-minutes news, American reactions to the events and reports of the correspondents from all over the world.

At the session of the School Council of the School of Physical Chemistry on 10th December 1996, Dragan Markovic, the Dean, promised that the students' participating in the Student Protest '96 would not have any consequences and that the School Council promised them that the lectures and exercises would be compensated, There was no voting for official support to the students; however, 25 professors, assistants and research fellows of this School have personally signed the message of support to the students.

At the session of 11th december 1996, the School Council of the School of Philology in Belgrade made the announcement, the parts of which we quote:
"1. The School of Philology, in accordance with its tradition and the tradition of Belgrade University, respects and supports the right of the students to express their opinions, to protest against illegitimate actions and to make justified demands.
2. The Council is of the opinion that the Protest does not have a party character, that students express their attitude in a democratic way and that they behave in a manner which suits academic citizens. The Council protests ... against the groundless and offensive statements that students are manipulated, that they are hooligans and that they are pro-fascistically oriented. We are of the opinion that chancellor of Belgrade University is obliged to address students immediately and publicly apologize for the offences and slander he addressed to them through public media.
4. ...The School Council of the School of Philology demands immediate session of the Council of Belgrade University.
5. The School Council of the school of Philology requires the Dean to deliver this decision to all departments, seminars, centers and services of the School, to Chancellor of belgrade University, to the Ministry of Education, to the initiative committee of the student Protest '96 and to make it available to the public."

At 11 o'clock this morning, the Assembly of the School of Physics was held. Around 70 students participated. It was decided that, until further notice, only the laboratory sessions for the subjects for which they are prescribed in the curriculum would be attended. The students will not attend the lectures and exercises. The Assembly was called by Darko Radovancevic, the Student Vice-Dean of the School of Physics.

Last evening, the citizens of Nis could watch the program of the Free Television of Nis (STN) through the TV Nais channel. The moment the broadcasting of the program of STN began, the TV Nais got scores of telephone calls from the citizens who wanted to make sure that it was really happening. The protest in Nis continues regularly.

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