The most numerous student walk, more than 100,000 young people

Students of all Schools of Belgrade University "illuminated" this evening the buildings of the RTS (Serbian National Radio-Television Network) and "Politika" with thousands of various lamps, in order to "dispel the darkness emanating from these two information institutions". It looked like a real carnival with whistles, as well as candles, balloons, firecrackers, torches... The motto of this walk was: "Let us illuminate Belgrade".

More than 100.00 citizens participated in the first evening walk through the streets of Belgrade, since the students were accompanied by secondary school students and other, mostly young, people. While the procession, between 19:40 and 20:45, went by the building of RTS, the notorious state television broadcasted the evening news program with negative comments on the Student Protest.

From one of the upper floors of the "Politika" building, someone who works there threw confetti onto the procession cheering the students.

In Lole Ribara St., the students greeted grandma Olga, who energetically waves to the students from her balcony every day.

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