Under whose flag are we? (Who is behind everything?)

The biggest problem for the RTS is how to qualify the students of Belgrade University. Are they foreign mercenaries, or traitors backed by enemies from abroad as well as by the enemies in the country itself?

The simplest explanation generated in the heads of a number of our citizens is that the CIA is behind everything. Judging by the fluttering flags, however, it can be Canada, Brasil, BIP (Belgrade Beer Industry)... On the second thought, perhaps it was the free masons who stirred up all this, since the students built a wall in front of the building of Federal Parliament. The matter might complicate further if the Catholic Church makes some statement, since then this protest would become a conspiracy to ruin the Orthodoxy.

We sincerely hope that the journalists of the RTS will find the key to this enigma, and finally explain to us who manipulates us, so that we know what attitude to take and whose flags to carry during our protest walks. Until then, the handful of students must remain in the dark, expecting hopefully the light of knowledge from the prime time news-program on the RTS.


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