They sue us - they try us

Prof. Marija Draskic, PhD, and prof. Dragoljub Popovic, PhD, both from the Law School, gave us a legal interpretation of the electoral fraud. The whole first two lines of desks in the amphitheater were occupied. Either the students were tired after the walk, or they expected that they would be showered with plenty of legal terms. Whatever the reason for their absence may be, we would like to inform them that the discussion was very interesting. After the decisions made by judges in the notorious scandal with the elections, it was clear to us, the students of exact sciences, that law is a very inexact science. The maxim "everybody knows everything" applied to such an inexact sphere has brought about a muddle unprecedented in the history of law.

The fact is that we are a people who did not have reasons (need or possibility?) to vote for 50 years. The legislature might have been unprepared, and that is why a complete law for the municipal elections does not exist. All those gaps in the law were used by certain individuals in the State administration. They reached the goals of their parties in that way, without any consideration for the welfare of the country and the people. Since the visit of an international delegation, which could clarify the situation, is not certain, we wonder if there is any solution. We are prepared to walk until the end of the world. However, prof. Dragoljub Popovic, PhD, told us that there is a legal solution to this situation, if the Public Attorney makes a request for the defence of laws and, naturally, if the Court accepts it. We asked the professor for the address of the above mentioned person, so that we could arouse his conscience with our whistles, if nothing else.


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