An AEGEE conference was held in Budapest from 12.-15. December 1996.This a European students organization that promotes the process of integration in Europe.

The conference also attended by 12 students from Belgrade University and the University of Arts. By the way, AEGEE-Belgrade does not exist officially. The Ministry of Internal Affairs refused to register this organization without the consent of the Chancellor of Belgrade University although, according to the law, it is not necessary. Students from all over Europe observed us as if we were some exotic species coming from another planet. On the other hand, we felt strange too. Just imagine: You're waiting at a tram station and you're absolutely sure that the tram will arrive or you ask a policeman in the street for assistance and he actually OFFERS it with a broad smile across his face...

Europeans are interested in what is happening in Belgrade, so the presentation of AEGEE-Belgrade was mostly about the Student Protest '96, the current situation in Belgrade University and Serbia in general. An enthusiastic applause that followed the presentation probably meant that we were something more to them than characters from an adventure film shot "Way Out There". The head of AEGEE then stepped forward and said that the students of Europe cannot sit and do nothing about this. He then announced students' demonstrations that were to take place at 13.00 hours on Monday 16. December in front of the Yugoslav Embassy in Budapest. A group of representatives from The Netherlands also announced a visit to belgrade and at 18.00 hours today we shall be able to talk to them during a discussion in the Chemistry Amphitheater (VHA) on the PMF (The School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) about the autonomy of the university, students' organizations, etc.

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