The Beauty of Vice

The VHA on PMF was visited by the historian Milan St. Protic who talked about the tradition of the parliamentary system, democracy and parliamentary culture in Serbia. The summary of his speech explains in what way the state officials keep proclaiming democracy (the real democracy) the worst of all political systems, all the while imposing their own democracy (he calls it autooligomicrodemocracy) which is served to us as the right of not having the right to vote, or to have that right but only as they see it fit. Democracy is a vice of the peaceful and obedient citizens who may, dangerously, start to use their own heads. The number of people willing to sacrifice their children, every time the "gods" decide to play their war games by firing up nationalism, is rapidly decreasing. We cannot be deceived because we know very well what it is you call democracy. George Orwell wrote "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." So be it, but then the more equal must be more equal in holding responsibilities. Democracy and a parliamentary system mean that a government can easily be dismissed and it is the best way for it to function as such. The time has come for the deities that we created to leave us be and never return in any form.


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