Yesterdays' reception of a three-membered student delegation from Nis from the President of Serbia can be interpreted as a sign of his good will.However, like every action taken by the government, it must be taken with reserve. The reception should also be considered as "soothing of the situation".

The strength of our protest lies in the awareness of every student. Our protest must not end with the fulfillment of only the first of our demands-the recognition of the electoral will of the voters. Until all our demands are fulfilled we cannot proclaim the protest finished. If we were to end our protest after the fulfillment of just one of our demands, we would betray our principles. It would turn out that we supported only the opposition. That would disappoint Many of the students, because their faith in us would have been misused. The concept of our protest is of nonparty character, because the interests of various parties have no place in the university.

If they fulfill our demands, we will know that we can have considerable influence on matters concerning our welfare and that of our country.From now on the authorities will not be able to do whatever they please, for there will always be sensible people who will dare to raise their voice against injustice.

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