As we all know,our friends from Nis have made a 250 km long Marathon trek. By doing so they have shown that we are tireless and that everything is achievable when there is something to believe in.

They were exceptionally pleased by the support of the people they met along the way.In Velika Plana they were welcomed with a fully set table (roasted pork on top) right by the highway. It was not so much the pork that impressed them, but the huge attention that, as they said, cannot leave anyone indifferent.

They are also proud of the fact that the two drivers who escorted them insisted on their walking in shifts. The young men and women from Nis, divided into three groups, who walked on three-hour shifts, even found enough energy within themselves to compete - which group would succeed in covering a greater distance in one shift. The record accomplished was 21 km in 3 hours.

After Bubanj Potok they were met by a group of students from Belgrade who had started off to meet them. Together they walked the final stage of the journey, into Belgrade, through Plato to the Serbian Presidency and back.

Three representatives from Nis were received by Slobodan Milosevic in the Presidency. They handed him a letter and the records from the voting units in which the results of the second round of elections were cancelled. President gave them a typical political speech, in which the only point that could be inferred was that President of Serbia allegedly has no idea of what is going on in that same republic. He said that those who are guilty (of what?) shall be punished. He also said that he had been anxious when he heard about their journey on foot, but was later on informed that they had an escort and were not walking all the time (!). The representatives from Nis, reacting his statement, said that people have been demonstrating and WALKING in the streets for 30 days. The students felt that the statement "Your leaders should know" was very insulting because they had clearly pointed out to him that they were not a political delegation, but representatives of the students of Nis and, for that matter, had no leaders. On their departure they did not shake hands with President.They said that, if the demands of the students are fulfilled, they would come to Belgrade again, on foot, to do that.


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