This is a protest of the intellectual elite which will not be satisfied with minor concessions the government is ready to make in order to quieten the storm. Up until now, on discussions in the Chemistry Amphitheater (VHA) our guests have been various artists, lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, etc., and they have been laying out the current situation from their point of view. We knew that politics has much to do with life, but Srdjan Bogosavljevic, a statistics expert, showed us that mathematics has much to do with politics through an analysis of a sequence of time periods in the past. The language of mathematics, for those who are not familiar with it, may be very difficult to comprehend, but we learned very well that when the maximum point is reached a recessing must follow. The maximum point or the turning point was the severing of inter-republic liaisons, especially the trade liaisons, which brought the downfall of the economy and the recession of human rights and democracy.The sanctions, therefore, were not the cause of our downfall. They just disabled any kind of recovery.

The electoral deceit is a good example of the misuse of numbers (remember the 3,5% of voting results which were cancelled). It is crystal clear-numbers are not always data, and data cannot always give us the right information.


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