The spokesman for the students' protest in Belgrade, Dusan Vasiljevic stated yesterday that the students will block the traffic on three bridges leading to New Belgrade (part of the city) from 14.00 h to 14.30 h. The students call all the citizens of Belgrade to join them tomorrow, said Vasiljevic on the press conference which was also attended by a group of students from Kragujevac.

A students' delegation from Subotica shall start off on bicycles towards Belgrade at 13.00 h today. This information was released on todays protest meeting in Subotica.On their way, the delegation will visit their fellow students in Novi Sad where they will stay for the night.

A delegation of students from the Universities of Frankfurt and Berlin had paced us a visit two days ago. Their representative emphasized that they want to get acquainted with the situation in Belgrade in detail and see what they can do to establish a relationship with the students of Belgrade and help them.

The Romanian press reported that the citizens of Timisoara shall organize a meeting of solidarity in honor to the citizens of Belgrade who are fighting for democracy and freedom in their country. Timisoara has a moral obligation to support a people who helped us when we were in trouble, stated one of the meeting organizers.

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