Three day after the students' protesting Belgrade started, the students of Kragujevac initiated their own protest by daily gatherings at the Students square. Later on, the protest headquarters were moved into the School of Mechanical Engineering. Following the example set by the students from Novi Sad and Nis, the students of Kragujevac started a walk 117 km long. They assembled at the Students square and got the blessings of His Grace the Bishop of Sumadia, Reverend Sava. They were exceptionally well recieved by the citizens of Topola and Mladenovac. In Oplenac they laid flowers onto the grave of King Petar Karadjordjevic I during whose rule democracy in Serbia prospered significantly.

During his speech on Plato, the spokesman for the Student Protest in Kragujevac, Zeljko Savic, said that they have came from out of Sumadia, from the democratic city of the University in Kragujevac, with the blessings of the Bishop Sava to support us and congratulate our enormous strength, persistence and great number in our protest. Dragan Matic, a postgraduate on the School of Economy in Kragujevac said that they did not want to be received by Slobodan Milosevic in the same way the students from Nis were recieved. He emphasized that they would talk to Slobodan Milosevic only in the presence of all media and not just RTS, and under the condition that, after their talks, he faces the students on Plato in front of the School of Philosophy in Belgrade.

The students of Kragujevac promised to continue supporting us and announced another visit to Belgrade, this time in greater number.

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