On Plato yesterday night the students were informed that the dean of the School of Chemistry denied the statement of RTS which said that he approved of the demands of the Independent Student Movement.

Mica Popovic, a known Yugoslavian painter,writer and member of the Serbian Academy of Science and Fine Arts, died in Belgrade yesterday morning after a long illness.

On Plato infront of the School of Philosophy the students honored with a moment of silence the late painter and academician Mica Popovic who was among the first to support the Student Protest '96.

David Parenco, a student of the University in Padua gave support to the students' demands in the name of a delegation of students from Italy which came to Belgrade in order to get acquainted with the situation here. "The role of students in the struggle for democracy in any country is very significant", said Parenco.

The members of the Initiative Committee board in the Student Protest '96 appealed to the citezens of Belgrade to join thir protest walk in as greater number as possible in Belgrade on Tuesday 24th, when the counter-rally of SPS is to be held.

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