The gatherings of the students of Serbia, in support of the ones in Belgrade, commenced on December 13th (Friday). From then on, around a thousand students and citizens gather daily on Liberty square in Subotica. On the eighth day of their protest they arrived in Belgrade on bicycles. "After every kilometer that we covered from the north of Backa to the "Athens of Serbia" we were closer to freedom...", they said at Plato. In Subotica, which is a multinational surrounding with a complex political situation (SPS was the opposition to the Hungarian parties), the students were accused of being in the service of Hungarian secessinists. Despite being: threatened and blackmailed by the police, locked up in their schools and made to believe that the ones boycoting class would be expelled, they went on with their gatherings and decided to come to Belgrade on bicycles. We were unofficially informed that, before starting to Belgrade, a police Inspector, summoned a young woman who spoke at one of the gatherings and told her to send regards to her friends: "We shall continue seeing each other upon your return."

Their brave decision to come and support us, despite everything, should be praised.


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