The goverment, which holds a monopoly over the media, although aware of their power, uses them to to achieve their goals oblivious of the growing chasm between the ones they keep backed-out and the ones that have "gained sight". It is not just a division into the informed and uninformed, two oppositely informed groups each blind in their belief of the truth coming from their source, but a division that induces a growing tension and intolerance between the opposed groups, each accusing the other of being misinformed. It seems that the media blackout has dizzier the minds of people who have started to make threats: accusations ranging from the ones condemning nationalism to ones condemning the waving of flags which invite foreign powers to interfere. It looks like Serbia is the only country in which you can be a nationalist and a cosmopolitan at the same time. The people whose only source of information is RTS and progovernment newspapers have started to notice their comical contradiction and are looking for other sources to get informed from. The ones that will not see are either indoctrinated or entirely ignorant.


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