A clever person will learn something every day. But some people have really gone to far. It seems that this ability to change ones traits is characteristic to all unstable times.

I have not, however, counted the "intelectual greats" that have, in troubled times, sniffed a chance to gain some political or God knows what other kind of edge, or simply to let go of some frustration. I can only note that it is a little out of place when a certain number of people, who have "honestly" gained quite a bit by being under the banner of the Party, start to agitate people against "the Red Gang" or to babble about the power of the citizens' movement. But let them. They have the right to try. It's our duty, among other things, to remember the words of some true intelectual greats: "Flattery is a trait of low spirited people", "Flatterers and your friends are as alike to each other as wolves and dogs are".

The students should, however, be flattered by the fact that ceartin kinds of people, who (confirmed by history) have an unmistakeable instinct in estimating where the wind is blowing from, are simply compteting in euologies in honor of the Student Protest.

So, finally, who am I writting about? Maybe a little bit about everyone? It doesn't matter anyway...

The kind of people mentioned earlier, and others similar to them, are recognizeable by their narcissisticness, uncurable complexes and an uncompromiseable belief in their attitudes. You just wouldn't believe it if someone told you that only yesterday they were singing another tune...

Lunja s Marsa

It is high time you started slinging mud onto the regime, the Independent Student Movement, the decades of darkness, someone would ask. I was told a few days ago: "You have, obviously, forgotten what you should be writting about". Well! I'm sorry if I have disturbed someones' spiritual tranquillity but i have an excuse: I have not forgotten what I should be writting about because I never have known what I should be writting about. If I knew how to write under orders, I would be doing that in "Vecernje Novosti" (a goverment newspaper). At least they pay for it.

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