After the arrival of students in front of the School of Defectology, whose Dean disallows the gatherings of students and disapproves of the Student Protest, its staff expeditiously closed all windows and locked all doors.

An official decision to support the Student Protest has reached us from the deans office of the School of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade. The Dean has categorically rejected an appeal of the Independent Student Movement to support them, because they were not very polite in doing so. For one, the letter that came to the Dean by fax was not signed with name and surname but only as the Independent Student Movement. Then, the letter in question did not contain an address or fax number by which an answer could be sent back; only a telephone number was given. A male person kept answering the phone on this number and he could neither give us adequate information on the Independent Student Movement nor a fax number. He explained the latter by telling us that equipment was still being installed in their offices. By the way, the office space of this "student" organization is located on the most expensive business site in town.

His Grace Patriarch Pavle of Serbia sent a message of support to the students of the University in Belgrade. "I send my regards to you, the students of Belgrade University, who have for the past month been expressing their feelings about the truth, justice and democratic support of the peoples free will, which is always the noble trait of youth."

On Plato, yesterday, the statements of Deans from the School of Forestry and the School of Physical Education were read. These statements denied the claims of the Independent Student Movement that the Deans of these schools have given support to the demands of this recently formed organization.

A professor of the School of Mathematics, Ljubo Protic, visited us yesterday in the VHA, to look back on the methods of our struggle, on the eve of the counter-rally to be staged by supporters of the ruling Socialist Party of Serbia. "Physically you are weaker than them, which is why I appeal on your common sense that your actions will not be the cause of something that could happen tomorrow. Your minds are stronger because your opponents are feeble-minded. Rely on your wisdom because your professors are also at your side. Youth wants to reach its goals quickly, but don't forget that the formula for your success is persistence. Don't ever be divided, for turning people against each other has been the method of ruling since the Roman times".

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