A student, a citizen, a human being - these are the terms which reflect the current hierarchy of individuals protesting against the election fraud in Serbia. If we consulted a student of the philosophical faculty, he would almost certainly make a clear distinction between the higher and the lower ranks. Reality, however, has taught us that people change even the toughest logical postulates with some ease, which sometimes makes acting against common sense a virtue and somewhat desirable.

The other day, a member of the so-called security of the students' protest told me to take off a badge which he thought was a disgrace to the non-party character of the protest. When I asked him whom he voted for, he said: "for our side, of course, (he probably referred to those whose procession we have been successfully avoiding since the beginning of the protest), but that's an entirely different matter". I wasn't at all happy with his arguments so I didn't remove the badge.

Two processions have done a great job in the past month or so. They made noise and decorated the much hated state media buildings with rotten eggs, red paint and virtually anything that would stick. Most of us went straight from one march to the other laughing off ridiculous interpretations by Serbian television and jeering the One who made a name for himself with his crimes, a dictator whose initials are S.M. Dear colleagues, this fairy-tale about the non-political character of our protest we are defending with utmost hypocrisy just doesn't hold water. It is time you understood the simple fact that our parents rallying at Belgrade's Freedom Square every day at 15:00 are neither activists of political parties nor have the intention to ingratiate themselves with the lady and two gentlemen addressing them from an improvised stage. They are the citizens of an awakened and educated Serbia, or at least they struggle for such Serbia, much like ourselves. Surely, you don't expect the mob coming to liberated Belgrade with 10,000 buses to applaud our "non-party" struggle. For them, we are a bunch of drugged kids brought up by insane parents they ought to teach a lesson and send six feet under.

We ought to join our parents and never forget that we are human beings and citizens first and foremost, as well as students. Those who are against us will hate us with the same intensity whether we do it or not. Let's form a common front and respond with love, like humans and cosmopolitans should, for they are a flock of deceived sheep we shall hopefully put back on track, the only track leading to Serbia's survival and integration with democratic Europe.

Don't be fooled by my unconventional approach, my intentions are as serious as the times we live in, even though this text may look grotesque to many of you. When you confront the enraged mob carrying red flags and the worst of insults written all over their faces, many of you will regret not bringing your parents along if you choose to go without them. We should all stand united in our cause, for together we are stronger.


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