Unlike the Student vice-Chancellor Vojin Djurdjevic, President Slobodan Milosevic addressed his voters.

The dilemma of the people in Belgrade, wether there was a fair of antique buses or a UPS (the Serbian Pensioners Union) going on, was solved today at 15.00 President Milosevic addressed in person the freezing visitors to Belgrade. Among: sanctions, farmers, the bright prosperous future, blood, traitors and the Fifth Column the students and youth were also mentioned. Are the students right? From what President Milosevic said an innocent bystander and careless listener would conclude that Slobodan Milosevic is personally the leader of the Student Protest '96 and the creator of, at least, the first of our demands. Why didn't he say this earlier? Maybe we would have been in safe and warm classrooms by now, and not on the streets. 33 days is too much time, even for a president, to comprehend the students' demands. Anyway, if the students are right, why shouldn't foreign institutions look into the validity of our demands?

So, every careful observer and listener will conclude that Slobodan Milosevic does not think that the students are right. If it were not so Mr. Velickovic, the Chancellor of Belgrade University would not on his current position but, perhaps, the president of some agricultural collective.

But, since the President once said that the university means as much to him as some agricultural collective, maybe he just got a little confused in his speech, and someone misunderstood that he said that the students were right.

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