Special task forces of the police beat beat up several tens of citizens yesterday.

The police forces beat a reporter of the students' radio "Index" during the "Zajedno" coalition protest gatherings.

Professor Bogdan Belesnin and eight students of the Medical School were injured yesterday during the protest.

On the corner of "Knez Mihajlova" st. and "Uskocka" st. during yesterdays' protest Ivica Lazovic (a member of SPO) was heavily wounded and is in a critical condition and at least 15 people were injured. According to unofficial reports Lazocic was shot by a man in a long grey coat with metal-rimmed glasses, at least 50 years old.Rade Vasilic, Deputy-director of the Trauma Center in Belgrade, stated that Mr. Lazovic was operated on and is in a very critical condition.

In the theatres: Atelje 212, The Yugoslav Theatre of Drama and The National Theatre performances were cancelled yesterday,"in sign of protest against needless bloodshed and police actions caused by the SPS".

A delegation of the Student Protest '96 met with Ratko Djukanovic, Chancellor of the Montenegrian University, and the Student vice-Chancellor Goran Jevric. Full support was given by the students and professors of the University in Montenegro to their colleagues in Serbia.

"No one will break up Serbia" said Milosevic in yesterdays' speech in which he emphasized that he excludes " the young people who are demanding the correction of irregularities made during local elections". He reminded that he promised to help the students in uncovering the whole truth "but only by the institutions in this country", which - as he said - are no worse than the institutions in other countries.

A letter to Milosevic by the professors of the university; The University Initiative Board for the preservation of democracy, made of professors from both Belgrade universities, estimated yesterday that President Slobodan Milosevic brought Belgrade onto the brink of civil war and demanded of him to act as the president of all citizens in Serbia.

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