It seems that everyone has a different comprehension of the term - democracy, but I would think that its basic definition understands the existence of a greater number of "unities". People who call upon other people to fight for democracy should have enough responsibility to abide to basic facts and express their opinion in their own name.

I will allow myself to remind the readers of a few facts: - A poll made on Plato with the students showed that only 30% of them join the "Zajedno" coalition protest after the students' march. - In democratic societies it is considered rude to ask what someones' vote was. - The Student Protest is not nonpolitical (this is very clear from our demands) but nonparty. -Democracy means an equal treatment of all banners - red ones included. I will also allow myself to express my personal opinion: the struggle for the right to live, which is the basic concept of the students' protest, lies much higher, hierarchically, than the struggle for power which is the basic concept of the "Zajedno" coalition protests. So, talking about "unities", the more the better.

Lunja Smarsa

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