Act II

History, our teacher of life, repeats itself. A foreign enemy, supported by our own (the Fifth Column), is, again, trying to destroy the progress that has been made in this country for the last fifty years. Defence of the dignity of our country must again prevent the enemy to conquer it. The old rule - divide and conquer, has a new shape - seduce and conquer. Poverty is covered by the veil of hatred with the sole purpose of blanketing public awareness. After the attempt to create conflicts of greater dimension failed, the enormous power of the media is used to stir up hatred. Threats to "follow orders" if gatherings are continued and the "everyday" life of the citizens is violated have been repeated. The lies on TV are no longer hidden - what was said one day is already denied the next day with another information. Our statesmen do not care about the people hurt in the demonstrations, the just keep commenting on numbers. In the end Big Brother tells us "I love you". Wether this is true, we still have to see through police action during the days ahead.


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