(or "awaiting the tanks")

While I'm writing this Ivica Lazovic is fighting for his life. If he lives he will an invalid for life. The epilogue of the day before yesterday, aside from this tragedy, are several tens of injured citizens.

The wish of our dictator was to be recorded by RTS on "Terazije" in front of a hypnotized mass of people shouting: "We are Slobodans, Slobodan is ours!" (the old folk have found a new one, but this new one (so be it) is not theirs - he is OURS, we'll get him - sooner or later) and it turned out again, like so many times before, that the desires of our dear dictator have no price.

He bused roughly 70 thousand people ("Reuters"). Some news agencies claim this to be the greatest logistic action after Mladics' "cleansing" of Srebrenica from Moslems! The Peoples Police took well care of "the people" so some of their units were too gentle with the "fascists", which was expected- "Death to fascism, Slobodan to the people!" (slobodan=free). Janissaries were known mainly for the beating up of women! (A friend of mine said:"The things women will fall for! Uppercut, then a hook!").

For all the trouble we go to by being gentle, nice, "plush" etc., we should not deceive ourselves any longer - we are dealing with a madman here. We should prepare ourselves for trench war, the defence of our rights, so I call upon all my fellow students ( especially the ones who have not taken part in the walks so far) to join me in the demonstrations. You will have children one day and they will ask you what you were doing in 1996/97! Take a walk on the odd afternoon and don't get upset if you fail to pass the number of exams you planned this year. Will you lose that much? Is your job on the line? Are you hurrying toward the next century?

Anyway, our dear dictator was gracious with us (youth) in his, already, historical speech. He promised us to bring all this out into the open... The way things are going now, we shall hear "No way" again.

There are definitely more than a handful of us in the streets these days. As one young student put it: "At least three handfuls and a spoonful."
(handful = 20,000 students - a graffiti written by a student).

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