Banning of public gatherings is another attempt of government to spread fear among the citizens in Belgrade. Who could have predicted that this would result in even more numerous gatherings? This is proof of our power and will to reach freedom, because only the free have no fear. The ones that think they can ration freedom to us have slipped up again. It is the determination of an individual with enough self-consciousness. There is no force that will enslave the ones that have come to comprehend freedom under the threat that life is expendable. The people in power are not free because they are afraid of us. That is why they see us as their enemies (they call us the Fifth Column). This is the need to create an enemy and justify ones own fear. Their greatest enemies are themselves. Every one of their thoughts and actions,one after the other lead them to total ruination. Their weapon is a "zombiefied" police force trained to act against its own people. These are complemented by the pathetic addicts on regime media living in an irrational world. And behind all this, we all know very well, is He, the garbage of times that are behind us. As long as there are people who consider him "the father of this nation" I consider my self an orphan.


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