The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) made a decision yesterday to stop the upsetting of law and order in the city. As we all know, partial upset of traffic occured during student's and "Zajedno" coalition followers walks. However, today we are witnesses to a totally unexpected flow of events. A number of special forces of MUP occupied the streets and blocked the whole narrow center along with several major traffic lanes. In accomplishing this enterprise they were heartily assisted by their colleagues - the traffic police. No one can understand exactly why the special police forces in spite of the decision made by their superiors gathered in the town on such unfavorable weather. Their actions brought total chaos to city traffic and numerous citizens of Belgrade were unable to walk freely and in peace through their town. A considerable number of these police officers were situated on Republic square and attended the "Zajedno" coalition protest gathering - from the back rows, though.

Around 18.00, after several hours of "upsetting law and order" the police forces broke up and normal traffic started in Belgrade.

The mystery still remains unsolved - what lead the special forces of the police to protest today ( the protest was, we must admit, peaceful and dignified).


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