A high number of officers from Army units in Nis, Vranje, Pirot, Zajecar, Urosevac, Pristina and the parachute unit in Nis stated yesterday that they strongly support the people of Serbia, that they would not allow the ruination of Serbia and that, should it be necessary, they would lead the people in the struggle for the final victory of truth.

In their message to the students of Nis University, the officers stated that their position is nonpolitical, but that they care for the future of Serbia, and they demand the following:
1. Truth in the first place, no matter how somber it is.
2. Living conditions befitting human beings, in a free democratic state, without the dictatorship of one man, no matter what his name is.
3. That Serbia should be rehabilitated, so that it can finally become one of the states in which it is possible to live honorably, happily and contently.
4. That the youth of Serbia should be given the opportunity to earn their own living honorably.

In their letter to Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, the officers stated the following:
1. We appeal to you as a man on whom Serbia and its people largely depend to use your wisdom and dignity and put an end to the lies of your poltroons. Stand by the people, by your Serbian people.
2. Although we were deceived by you once, when only the former Yugoslav Armed Forces were held responsible for the disintegration of the country, we shall not allow Serbia to be ruined now and we shall not be against our people. Our airplanes, tanks, cannons and howitzers will be used only against the enemy. Our only policy will be the interest of Serbia, and, should it be necessary, we shall lead the Serbian people in the struggle for the final victory of truth.

We, pilots, artillerymen, officers of our Serbian people, send our regards to the people of Serbia, to which we are loyal. Long live Serbia! Long live the Serbian people!

Ivan Maksimovic lead the policemen who beat the citizens. The "Zajedno" Coalition possesses all the recordings and photographs of the persons who beat the citizens of Belgrade, announces the Coalition.

The actors of the National Theater refused to act in the play "Life is a dream" yesterday evening, which was a gesture of protest against the presence of strong police forces in Belgrade. They got a big round of applause from the audience for this decision.

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