I've been looking for you everywhere

After we gathered at Plato fully equipped with balloons, firecrackers, whistles and lamps, we went to meet our friends in blue and wish them nice holidays.

They did let us know they were next to the post-office in Zmaj Jovina Street, but we did not know where else they were (which wasn't exactly fair, since they generally know where we are and where we go), so we divided into two groups and went to look for them.

I must say that we had more luck than we had expected, since we soon found two groups of our blue comrades near the "Blue Rider" cafe. We cheerfully informed the other team about the position of our friends shouting "Bluecoats! Bluecoats!", and then we went further, leaving our dear visitors from the provinces to the care of our colleagues.

For the reader's information, here is the summary of our route: we divided in Vasina Street, our little procession went towards the PMF (the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), then by the above mentioned rider, turned in front of the Ethnography Museum into Vasina Street once again, and into Kneza Mihaila Street after that. Next to the building of the Arts Academy we noticed with (mutual?) satisfaction another cordon, i.e. a group of guests, ready to receive our greetings and good wishes.

Because of the fast pace of the game, we did not have time for a close encounter, so we just waved to them and continued our search. At the corner of Vuka Karadzica and Kneza Mihaila Streets, we found them before they found us (see the P.S.) and, content and happy, we went to Plato. The unexisting referee announced the end of the game, so we went to see how the first group of the visitors were, since they had lost the friendly game. As it seems, we succeeded in our plans, since a couple of them could not resist the flood of cheerfulness and started to dance in their lines. Several members of the rival team attempted to get their revenge on us and stood waiting in front of the PMF, but they realized the game was over and peacefully dispersed, accompanied by the sounds of our celebration. The return game is scheduled for today.

According to the statements of the eye-witnesses, the following event occurred at the corner of Vuka Karadzica and Obilicev venac Streets: a lonely, panting blue armored man addressed a group of students, saying: "Wait, PLEASE, the cordon will be here in a moment."

The conclusion: It is obvious that our police are not in good shape, so we suggest that they should walk much more.

Tratincica & Zorglub

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