The undoubted need for an autonomous university, which is stressed in this students' protest, obliges us to start looking for ways of forming new students' organizations as soon as possible. The current organization suits a superseded one-party system. With existing tendencies toward true pluralism the forming of new students' organizations is expectable. Up until now the protests have not adequately dealt with problems concerning the forming of other organizations, they have just been changing their personnel who time and again, being in service of a corrupted system, got corrupted themselves. It is certain that the same mistake will not be repeated in this protest. To enable proper competition between different organizations and make it possible for people, who do not want to be members of any organization, to have a say in various students' issues, it is necessary to form some sort of students' parliament both on faculty and university level. According to current laws, a students' parliament (SP) is an illegitimate organization, but its obvious legitimacy is a very good asset in favor of students' interests when the time comes for the forming of new university laws.

On faculties a students' parliament would have the following tasks: to take part in scheduling of examination periods, distribution of students to university dorms, election of the Student Vice-Dean, election of representatives to the students' parliament and other issues concerning the life of students at their faculty. The university students' parliament would deal with matters such as: election of the Student Vice-Chancellor, problems concerning the students' standards (nourishment, accommodation, credits, scholarships, etc.,), articulating the students' attitudes concerning social issues. So, one could say that the SP would take over the role that the Students' Union has now, which largely misused their authorities and, in that way, definitely lost all value in the eyes of the students.

To get the SP recognized by the state as a legal institution in the near future, and this is bound to happen sooner or later, it is desirable to start forming these institutions at least on faculty level as soon as possible. So, let's start dealing with this problem, exchange plans and ideas, organize ourselves and make it happen. If we do not succeed in doing this now our problems shall still be dealt with by alien hands. We have a chance, now, to form the foundation of a healthy society by creating a proper university.


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