Foreign Agencies on December 5th, 1996

Thursday December 5 3:54 PM EST
Record 150,000 Demonstrate in Belgrade

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (Reuter)
Students paraded an effigy of Milosevic in prison garb through Belgrade Thursday and built a brick wall outside the federal parliament to symbolize the gulf between the Serbian people and the ruling party.

A student organizer who gave his name only as Boris said: "We are trying to prove that we are building Serbia up, not destroying it like Milosevic. Milosevic and his politicians are cut off from the people."

Thursday December 5 2:39 AM EST
Embattled Milosevic Says He Won't Use Force

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (Reuter)
Law professors came out in support of student protests demanding authorities overturn poll fraud.

Some 100 professors at Belgrade's law faculty unanimously decided on Wednesday night to suspend classes as long as the student protests lasted, a professor who asked not to be named told Reuters.

University students in Belgrade and other towns launched peaceful street demonstrations more than a week ago, handing out flowers to policemen during their marches.

Government Hands Out Money; Effort to Keep Protests from Growing
Eds: UPDATES with 20,000 students gathering, beginning to march.
Associated Press Writer

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP)
About 20,000 students gathered in the center of Belgrade on Thursday afternoon and began their daily protest march. They carried banners denouncing the closure of an independent radio station, and were joined by a small group of workers banging spoons on their plates to emphasize their poverty.

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