Foreign Agencies on December 6th, 1996

Friday December 6 8:55 AM EST
Milosevic Popularity Plunges Amid Protests

BELGRADE (Reuter) - Public support for Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic has fallen sharply since students and opposition parties assailed his socialist government with demonstrations and charges of election rigging, a magazine poll said Friday.

As students gathered for a 19th day of street protests and Milosevic showed signs of backing down, the bi-monthly Nin said the president's popularity rating had fallen from 26 to 16.5 percent.
Students and opposition have been campaigning against Milosevic in the streets since Zajedno accused the ruling Socialists of robbing it of victory in the second round of local elections on November 17.

In one of a series of concessions by the authorities on Thursday, banned independent radios were allowed to start broadcasting again and the supreme court was asked to review the election results.

Serbian opposition: Protests can end if elections recognized
U.S. puts pressure on Milosevic government
December 6, 1996
Web posted at: 7:00 p.m. EST

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (CNN)
At one point Friday, students paraded an effigy of Milosevic dressed in prison garb through the city and erected a brick wall outside the federal parliament.

"We are trying to prove that we are building Serbia up, not destroying it like Milosevic," said a student organizer, explaining the wall's symbolism.

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