Foreign Agencies on December 11th, 1996

11 December 1996
The Editor
The New York Times
New York

Dear Editor,

RE: "Behind the Serb Protests, Virulent Nationalism," by Chris Hedges, International Herald Tribune, December 11

Chris Hedges's suggestions that nationalism lies behind the recent student protests in Belgrade is wide off the mark. Mr. Hedges appears to base his generalizations on an unpleasant encounter with radical student organization and discussion with a few "intellectual dissidents".

"There are a growing number of Serbian flags in the crowd", Mr. Hedges reveals, along with a revival of the old Serbian national anthem. It seems that any attempt by Serbs to express their national identity, no matter how harmless, of denounced by Mr. Hedges as "virulent Serb nationalism."

Mr. Hedges's unsubstantiated comments about "racist remarks" in Serb society, "the language of hate" and "theories of racial superiority" are a disgrace. Not only does Mr. Hedges demonize all Serbs but he does a great injustice to the courageous Serb demonstrators who seek to free themselves from Slobodan Milosevic's Communist regime.

Yours sincerely,
George Tintor
London, UK

P.S. I would be grateful if you would ask Mr. Hedges to disclose the names of those "Serbian philosophers" who expoused theories of racial superiority: and the tiles of their publications, and if you would kindly send them to me, I have never heard of them.

Serbian Opposition Turns to Unions for Backing
December 11, 1996, 5:25 PM EST

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (Reuter) - An organized group of workers joined street protests against Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic Wednesday for the first time since marches began 24 days ago, independent trade union leaders said.

Leaders of the association of independent trade unions said some 10,000 workers had been taking part in daily student and opposition rallies after Milosevic's ruling Socialists annulled local elections won by the opposition.

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