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U.N. Envoy Pressures Milosevic
Associated Press Writer
Saturday, January 18, 1997 9:39 am EST

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) -- A U.N. human rights envoy urged President Slobodan Milosevic today to concede opposition election victories, and thousands of students outlasted police to march through the capital at dawn.
Dozens of Belgrade judges joined thousands of students in a public protest against Milosevic late Friday. The judges waved copies of the constitution -- which guarantees freedom of assembly -- at riot police who prevented the students from marching.

As in past days, the students outlasted the police. After an all-night vigil, the officers pulled back at dawn today, and thousands of students who stayed on marched through downtown.

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Protests continue, but Serb opposition growing pessimistic
Socialists expected to appeal rulings
January 18, 1997
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BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (Reuter)
Zajedno and their student allies, who have been mounting protest demonstrations for 62 days across Serbia, called for bigger crowds to increase the pressure on the government.

About 3,000 Serbian students, blowing whistles and cheering "Victory," marched through the streets of Belgrade early on Saturday when police withdrew after an all-night standoff.

The cordon of 300 riot police, plus more in buses, left Belgrade's Terazije Square after preventing the students from marching an hour after midnight as they have for the past few nights.

"This is proof that the police and the government cannot destroy the protests," Cedomir Jovanovic, a student protest leader, said after students began marching when the police withdrew at 6:30 a.m.

"They can only make the students stop if they give us what they want," Jovanovic said.

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