Foreign Agencies on January 19th, 1997

Pressure on Milosevic Rises
Associated Press Writer
Sunday, January 19, 1997 9:10 pm EST

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP)
Sunday's turnout was low, although the crowd was swelled by the presence of German Shepherds, Great Danes and other dogs. The slogan for Sunday's protest referred to police containment of the demonstrators in a pedestrian zone: If we can't walk, we'll walk our dogs.

Later Sunday, about 15,000 Belgrade residents outwitted police by suddenly pouring into city streets, blocking traffic and marching toward the city center.

Police, who were busy trying to prevent a separate protest by a few thousand students from turning into a march as well, found their forces stretched thin, and thousands more demonstrators were streaming into the center. Well-equipped riot police were deployed in side streets surrounding the two groups of protesters.

The demonstrators were cheerful, banging dishes, cans, spoons and home-made drums, and blowing trumpets.

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