Foreign Agencies on December 21st, 1996

Diplomatic Team to Press Milosevic on Elections
By John Pomfret
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, December 21 1996; Page A24
The Washington Post

About 20,000 students and up to 200 riot policemen faced off here in the Serbian capital as the students sought to block rush-hour traffic heading into and out of the heart of the city. The students succeeded in slowing traffic on three bridges for a while before they dispersed.

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USA Today
12/21/96 - 06:42 PM ET
Diplomatic mission works to unsnarl Yugoslav crisis

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia
About 100,000 people rallied in the streets of Belgrade, blocking the center of the capital for several hours. Earlier in the day, up to 10,000 students held their daily protest.

By The Associated Press

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